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Win this Levi’s Made & Crafted shirt!

Shopbop has created a new men’s store named East Dane.They sent over some product and asked if I would like to do a give-away to help promote the launch.

All you need to do to enter is re-blog this post. The contest will end at midnight on Monday the 9th of September and I will pick a winner on Tuesday. 

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LVMH Buys Loro Piana


Who knows what this means for the brand… but the consolidation of the luxury industry is certainly not good for consumers overall.

Just look at the Airline industry and what has happaned

While it is comforting to think that 1+2=3, dressing stylishly does not follow that equation. You read on the forums people talking about color charts, microscopic differences in textures, the correct angle of your pocket square and I think to myself, how much time did the Agnellis of the world spend on getting the perfect tie knot, or perfecting their pocket square placement or worrying about how much handstitching was in their suits? So classic men’s clothing is in this bizarre place right now where everyone pays tribute to the “Gods” (Agnelli et al) by doing the exact opposite of what the gods would do, trying to get style from a book or the internet.

Ed Morel of Panta Clothing (via jhilla)

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